November Respite

Monday Morning 010

Last week, we vacationed in Hot Springs, Arkansas, renting a lakeside home that allowed for this beautiful sunrise shot. Sunlight soon spilled over the back deck.

Monday Morning 006

Tuesday morning was a different story; the sky was overcast, and ducks floated past the fog at dawn.
Tuesday Morning 007It lent a nice ethereal quality to the morning.

HotSpringsDay2 029No matter the weather, we tried to abide by the sign.

HotSpringsDay2 297





  1. Those were some wonderful photos! It’s nice to get away from it all and relax. I came here expecting to see some weird photo from the 50’s or 80’s that didn’t make any sense, but instead got a serene set of landscape pics. Nice and calming during a tough 2-week stretch of med school. P.S. How’d you do the snowflake thing in the background?

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    • Well, a detour into modern photography had to be made after such a trip. But I posted an old pic yesterday that didn’t make sense! Yay for your break! Now I can’t recall how I got it to snow last year; it automatically does it now on Dec 1st I guess. Must be in Appearance or something in the Dashboard.


    • Maybe if it was free to do that “spa” therapy. We just put our fingers in the fountain and waterfall. Super hot. A lot of arthritic folks believe in the healing power of the springs.


      • That’s what I’ve read, Kerbey, but I failed to let the pricetag involved sink in. Of course somebody must cash in on nature. Sigh. I’m glad you got to put your fingers in and feel it. It must have been such a tease to do more than that. Double sigh.

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