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HotSprings 318



  1. You know it’s Christmas. Kerby has the snow on. Don’t tell me that’s an artificial tree. Very nice deck. Just made for BBQ and beer. Is that water a creek or a crick? As usual kid great picture.

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    • I took a bajillion pictures in Arkansas last week, so this was at the lakehouse we rented. We live in suburbia, but maybe someday I’ll live waterfront! That lake had been lowered down several feet, so it qualified as a crick that day. Ha!

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    • Not a flake. Not -1. That’s not even a thing. Negative temperatures don’t even process in my brain. And yes–more jalapeno cheese grits in the fridge, just waiting to be eaten with the turkey tonight (while I watch Elf).


      • Ha! I’ve been called worse – I’ll take that as a compliment – i had a boss once and when I would sing Xmas songs in July she called me a freak – I took that as a compliment too. Ha! Actually, I like the Christmas tree – first I’ve seen this year. That is cool/ I like the big deck with the water outside within throwing distance – that is cool. And the fact that you were vacationing in November – that is so cool. Oh, cool means ‘sick” in todays lingo (I think unless it has changd again) And on the back wall of the house there is a fire-place – so cool – I love sitting by a crackling fire at night while the Xmas tree twinkles and the racoons peer in the slider doors. ha!

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      • I tell you what–I sho nuff wouldn’t mind having a lakehouse of my own. When I learned that raccoon in Spanish is “mapache” I said it a lot. When I learned that my mother in law used to have them as pets and could play hand clap games with them and pose them in bonnets, I said nothing.


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