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Big Apple Chiropractors See Increase In Visits As Sophia Loren Visits Financial District

LIFE 6/23/58
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When Your ‘Do Is Done

I applaud the effort that was put into the hair, outfits, and accessories here. Nowadays, people wear pajamas in public, thong sandals outside the beach, and don’t bother to hide their bra straps. Enough with the laziness! Pull yourself together.

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This Guy

Today, I have three new Antique Mall photographs of indeterminate origin–no dates, no locations, no nada. But how could I pass up this guy with his Gomer Pyle eagerness? And, oh, how he is bookended! Evidently, they offered secret trial silicone lip injections in the 60s…

In the upper left reflection, you’d swear he was the living LBJ himself!

I can’t hazard a guess as to what this second image is, although I doubt it was a Communist Party or Black Panther meeting. Nicely crossed hands and legs on the taller one. 

And this last one, I bought just for the lass on the left. Such chutzpah to don white glasses! What a Kanye move! Don’t you suppose the two in the middle are related, whatwith their hopeful eyebrows? 

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Dot Moseley & The Gun Moll Girlies

Texas College of Arts & Industries 1943

These college gals didn’t take themselves too seriously. As it turns out, Dot Moseley lived to the age of 88. Her obituary states, “As a member of the Alamo Community Church choir, she delighted in singing the old hymns, most of which she knew by heart. A devoted friend to all, especially to her Low-Lits pals (Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes), she never missed sharing and celebrating all the events of their lives. The ultimate hostess, Dorothy set the standards in etiquette especially when it came to flower arranging, table setting and gift giving.”