Basting Belle Of The Blast

Texas Highways

It’s April 1983, and Terri Garlitz is basting lamb during San Angelo’s annual Lamblast, while “Buffalo Hunters” look on. The event takes place at the Goodfellow Air Force Base on Lake Nasworthy, with its can’t-miss infamous leg of lamb contest, as well as games and beauty contests. The Cole Younger Band is coming down from Abilene to start the cookoff with a bang, so everyone, head out to the San Angelo Coliseum for both country and western dancing. Bring your aviators, fringed jackets, and cowboy hats. Yee-haw!

P.S. The Cole Younger Band currently has 14 monthly listeners on Spotify, so they’re evidently still kind of a big deal…

15 thoughts on “Basting Belle Of The Blast”

  1. I was going to attend but it turns out that masks are mandatory. Not for Covid. The kind bank robbers wear before they ride off into the sunset. While we are not on the topic, I thought real Texans considered lamb as inedible mountain maggots.

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    1. Nice simile! This native Texan has ne’er tried lamb, though I suppose twere it offered, I would TRY it. I wouldn’t want to be rude. It can’t be worse than Spam, no? I keed, I keed.


      1. I must be wooly stupid because I HAVE eaten shaved lamb in gyros. It was fine. Covid brain! I hope ewe don’t have it.


      1. I have eaten lamb several times. The only joints I have seen with it on the menu are Greek. Give a try, Grilled chops or roasted leg either one are good eats

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  2. When I go to Kerbey Lane Cafe, I get the Greek lamb burger, with tomato, onion, lettuce, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, grilled pita bread, with french or sweet potato fries. And we cook lamb steaks too. Deelish!

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