5 thoughts on “Toothsome From Every Angle”

  1. For some reason I always associate White Rain hairspray with the “do’s” from that era. I checked and White Rain has survived well and is readily available from fine retailers like Dollar Stores and Walmart.

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    1. Hmm. I can see how you would make that association. Rain also implies acid rain, which makes me think of snowflakes crying about ice caps and cow farts. It surely smells better than white diamonds. But does it hold better than purple rain?

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      1. Woah, who pee’d in your Cheerios this morning? Watching the news again, eh? It’s not healthy to do that. Take it from me who actually talks back and argues with the faces on the screen. 😁

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      2. Sorry. No news. I’ve actually been listening to an interview on Brit fashion for the past two hours, learning new words like Sloane Rangers and terracewear and Burberry chavs. White Rain plays no part among this set. I will say, I did watch an episode of the Dean Martin Show last night (never seen a one of them before), and I bet you some of them there ladies were using it.


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