Medicare For Teens?

1962 Olympia

Sometimes you scroll through a crispy, fresh new yearbook and can’t help but do a doubletake. That’s exactly what I did with this shot this morning. I thought Medicare was a nationwide health insurance program provided for Boomers and the last bit of the Greatest Generation. Evidently, there was another, less complicated Medicare littering drug store shelves like Atherton’s here, during the year Marilyn Monroe was killed by the Mafia committed suicide. Mary, Jackie, and Kaye were in the know about problematic pimples–and Tussy was the answer.

Not ‘Tussin, the cure-all touted by comedian Chris Rock, although one wonders if cough syrup could, in fact, cure outbreaks. Perhaps it could help with “breakthrough” COVID cases?

Nope, this Tussy was targeted at teens, not windpipes. As you can see, Tussy got top billing!

Dunaway Drug Store

4 thoughts on “Medicare For Teens?”

  1. Tussy apparently had a whole line of cosmetic products and was well know but I sure never heard of it before your post. I wonder if Tussy got any compensation when its brand name (presumably copyrighted or service marked) was appropriated by the government? The Chris Rock skits were funny: “Robotussin will fix anything. Cough, cancer, broken leg.”

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    1. Lol he killed it. You know the government didn’t give Tussy a dang thing. On another note, Tussy should be a consideration at all of the animal shelters that have to make up names for strays. No word of a lie, the pound had named our dog Tiffany Treat.

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