That Weird Friend Who Overextends Her Neck


In most cases, the lady donning a lavender turtleneck with a sunflower gold vest would clearly be the one who makes bad judgment calls. But in this case, it’s Blondie with the arched back. Or perhaps it’s not arched at all. Perhaps she is planking on another piece of cinder block, tightening those abs while she gazes into Kurt’s crow’s-feety eyes. What a colorful crew this is! CokeLifeSep55-007

All I know for sure is that the hamburger buns are well done. And that if you’re grilling up meat out on the lake, ain’t nobody got time for brushing after meals. P.S. Whatever happened to GL-70? And how cute is this box turtle? Talk about neck extension.

11 thoughts on “That Weird Friend Who Overextends Her Neck”

  1. I’m impressed by the turtle, clearly he or she had time to brush.

    What is that, pickled onions or something in the homemade lookin’ jar next to the burger party? Nice touch.

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    1. I would take a bottle of Germex, in case I had to touch those escalator sides that they never clean. First let me stop by Bath & Body for some lavender soap (we just ran out), then a lemonade and a jalapeno pretzel at Aunt Anne’s, and then we can sit and watch!


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