“Taste Its Extra-Brite Tang”

Life, Sep 12, 1955
Life, Sep 12, 1955

Once again, no decade looks more fun the 1950s. The way the middle gal set her hand upon her hip says it all. All-American teens going back to school in style. I can even overlook the ginormous genie/perfume bottles in the background.




  1. I would imagine this was a short-lived ad campaign. The word “tang” became proprietary when “Tang” was invented in 1957.

    I really like the belt buckle on the center girl. I think she may be Romulan – it’s the hair cut.

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  2. Taste its extra-brite tang?! That just sounds threatening!

    It is funny how Coke kept advertising itself as “extra-bright” in those little blurbs. Apparently “extra-bright” was the thing to be back in those days!

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    • Right? I was watching “Chopped” on Food Network last night, and the judge, Jet, said he liked his key lime pies to pop with citrusy brightness. So brightness is still good. It wouldn’t work to say “Get dim with Pepsi.”


      • I’ve told Arto for years that if I had to choose a “Worst job for Dave”, it’d probably be confectioner, because I’m just not the kind of the person who would like to (or perhaps even be able to) focus on the nuances of sugary foods.

        That being said, the only Food Network show I’ve watched in many many years (my brother and I used to like Alton Brown back in the early 2000’s because of his amusing nerdy commentary) is “Sweet Genius”, which a friend introduced me to a few years ago when it was on the air. The host, Ron Ben Israel, looked and acted like the Dr. Evil of sugar, and his commentary was always hilarious! I actually miss that show, but they pulled it off the air after only one or two seasons…

        …I guess that’s the kind of thing that happens when the kind of person who enjoys your show is also the kind of person who doesn’t even have a TV!

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