9 thoughts on “You Get There Fresher

  1. Ahhh, I feel fresher just reading the picture. Ha! As much as I know that money was the purpose of their business- there is something reassuring about being told that you are being taken care of. Sigh, if only it were true.

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  2. First thing. What does that mean? Get there fresher? Second thing. It’s Wisconsin in 1935. If you get there at all that is a bonus. Wisconsin wasn’t know for its super highways in ’35. No States were. If you were traveling in the winter you would make better time riding an Elk. In the summer,relax. The temp and humidity are the same. 90. So stay fresh.

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  3. I mull the fact that Standard used to signify something of good quality. Now if something is standard, the default connotation is that it’s somehow not special. I love grandpa’s memorial maps, Kerbey.

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