12 thoughts on “Malted Barley & Tangy Hops

  1. Ha! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen malt mentioned in beer making. Ha! I gotta tell you a funny story about that – I’ll make it short. When I was young and first started trucking, I leased to an American outfit out of Maine (Meddybemps to be exact). At the time anyone who wanted to haul freight had to apply for the licence by product and by route./ So, if you wanted to haul doorknobs to New York, you had to apply for that licence and anyone who already could do it had the right to rebut your application. So beer paid really well but the licence was hard to get because those who had it defended it fiercely in court with lawyers and such. I had a boss who was pretty smart and he wanted to haul Moosehead beer from St. John New Brunswick to Eastern US – delivering from Boston to Florida. Pay was excellent and we had a lot of loads back into Canada. He tried for 3 years to get the licence and never succeeded, so he changed lawyers. The new lawyers found an old term in the regulations called “malt liquor” which covers beer. They applied for this licence and no one even paid attention to us – and it was granted. They noticed when we started taking their loads of beer to the US – ha!. We were the only carriers in Eastern US who were running on a licence to haul malt liquor. Ha!

    Blast from the past – thanks Kerbey.

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    1. Another great story. Meddybemps is a real thing? When I think of malt liquor, I think of a 40 wrapped in a brown paper bag, but I guess it is beer. It sounds like too much red tape to get a license for real.


      1. Yep, for real. They did away with that authority thing with deregulation sometime ago – this story was easy 30 years ago. Deregulation came with lots of problems – low cost carriers that scrimped on safety. That is actually what started the big battle about truck safety. Driving down costs without sacrificing safety became the new call to arms. But, yeah we hauled “malt liquor” back in the day. ha!

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  2. All this “Malt” talk makes a dog nervous. Clearly this guy was a gentleman, he poured her beer first. A refreshing adult beverage, some snacks, the ballgame…it’s perfect except they are way overdressed. A clean wife-beater tee shirt would suffice.

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    1. Maybe he’d only been home a few minutes, just enough to pour the drinks. Surely when he waters the lawn tomorrow morning, he’ll have the wife-beater and boxer short s on full display.


    1. All those beer council ads make it seem like a normal part of unwinding for young couples at the end of every day. Maybe it was saying, “You don’t have to go to a bar to drink. Just do at home with your wife.”

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