12 thoughts on “The Golden Throat”

  1. Music!
    I cannot live without it, no matter the technology employed to convey it.

    My father had an ‘old-timey’ RCA Victrola to play those 78 rpm records.
    Always love cranking the handle on that thing and listening to the stack of 78’s he had stored in the cabinet compartment of the old machine.

    Ah! Nostalgia!

    Great Post Kerbey!

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  2. I don’t think it was a Golden Throat, but I’m sure as can be that my father had a big cabinet stereo in our living room, Kerbey, speakers built into the single unit, a wonder to me in the 1960s, AM and FM on the radio and able to play LPs and 45s (with a big, solid spool adaptor over the spindle for the single-plays to stack up).

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