Spaghetti Swooshing

I was reading a back issue of Saveur magazine this morning (the cover picture of sliced watermelon drew me in), and this picture was on the back page.

NYC Nov 1948 Broadway showgirls chowing down

NYC Nov 1948 Broadway showgirls chowing down

Spaghetti swooshing requires no use of one’s hands.  Ever heard of such a thing?

Ferrah: The Arabic Word For Joy

In a couple of days, bloggers everywhere will be posting about the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing.  Many less will mention Farrah Fawcett, who passed on the same day.  Farrah, who changed the spelling of her first name from Ferrah, was a hair and fashion icon to girls of the 1970s, despite the fact that she only spent one season on Charlie’s Angels.  Although her legacy does not impact the world in the way that Jackson’s does, I wanted to give her a shout out.

We can see these images in our minds: Farrah with the healthy glow, Farrah on the skateboard, Farrah in the infamous Mexican blanket swimsuit poster, too cliche for me to post. Long before The Burning Bed, the ups and downs with long-time lover Ryan O’ Neal, and the crazy stint on Letterman–the same year she turned 50 and posed in Playboy–she was a stunner.  And presumably sane.

Here is mid-1970s Farrah with Wella Balsam hair, voluminous and sexy enough to rock right now in 2013.

Early 1970s Farrah flashes her Ultra Brite smile.

Even before the feathered locks, 1960s Farrah was a beauty, .

Like so many others, cancer claimed you.  So rest in peace, Farrah.  The world has not forgotten you.  

For a glimpse of her doing her best Marilyn Monroe voice, see her “cream” Joe Namath in his Noxzema commercial:

Dillo Dangerously Dodges Death

What a lovely day!


Whatever this is, it’s blooming.  The sun is shining.


When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a leprosy-carrying varmint!


Run, critter, run!


That armor won’t protect you from…uh-oh.


Looks like Buck is in it to win it.  You best hightail it!


Yes!  Forget Chicken Soup for the Soul; we’re having armadillo stew for dinner tonight, folks!


Would that taste better with Old Bay or Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning?


Oh, snap!  Escaped into the pile of used tires again!  Better luck next time, old boy.