That Time Miss Jane Hathaway Visited Guatemala To Teach Villagers How To Play The Opening Riff Of “Ventura Highway”

Nat Geo 9/64

Such a fun opening riff, a soft and easy California feeling. Chewin’ on a piece of grass, walking’ down the road…

Then Jorge stops his strumming to assert that there is no actual Ventura Highway, only Ventura County. But Otilia (the older, haggard woman in the back whose hair is struggling to flee her scalp while she strums the hammock strings) says, “No seas tonto, Jorge” and explains that the actual song was about a young boy standing on the side of the road while his dad changed a flat tire. Get with the program, Jorge. Common knowledge.

Maybe it wasn’t actually Nancy Culp from The Beverly Hillbillies. Did she even play classical guitar? She clearly hated doublenecked guitars.


And while she gained notoriety playing a spinster, she was actually married for 10 years. Per wikipedia, one reviewer said she had the “face of a shriveled balloon, the figure of a string of spaghetti, and the voice of a bullfrog in mating season.” Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. Ribbit.




So Many Ozzie Nelsons

LIFE 4/23/56

LIFE 4/23/56

Clearly none of these Ozzie Nelsons has a gluten allergy. That’s one thing we can all appreciate about the Cold War era. You’ll shove it in your face, and you’ll like it. And evidently Ricky did, since he ate a hundred. Harriet, ladylike, made ’em thin and dainty. And David’s were huge to help fuel his many chores.

Ah, now there’s the real Ozzie, flipping flapjacks. I don’t know about you, but I like both The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet¬†AND the pancakes. In fact, I named my dog Jemima. It has a better ring to it than Mrs. Butterworth.


Pretty Sure That’s The Skipper From “Gilligan’s Island”


No, of course it’s not. It’s just a nobody in a Kodak ad.

Interesting tidbit:¬†The Skipper’s real character name was Jonas Grumby. I never heard his Little Buddy call him Jonas.

I understand, Skipper. Tiki can be frightening.