Before Flat Screens, There Were Fat Screens


So Many Ozzie Nelsons

LIFE 4/23/56

LIFE 4/23/56

Clearly none of these Ozzie Nelsons has a gluten allergy. That’s one thing we can all appreciate about the Cold War era. You’ll shove it in your face, and you’ll like it. And evidently Ricky did, since he ate a hundred. Harriet, ladylike, made ’em thin and dainty. And David’s were huge to help fuel his many chores.

Ah, now there’s the real Ozzie, flipping flapjacks. I don’t know about you, but I like both The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet AND the pancakes. In fact, I named my dog Jemima. It has a better ring to it than Mrs. Butterworth.


Pretty Sure That’s The Skipper From “Gilligan’s Island”


No, of course it’s not. It’s just a nobody in a Kodak ad.

Interesting tidbit: The Skipper’s real character name was Jonas Grumby. I never heard his Little Buddy call him Jonas.

I understand, Skipper. Tiki can be frightening.

Sunflower Girl & The Last Four People On Earth

Pauline--1952 President of the Westminster Youth Fellowship

Pauline–1952 President of the Westminster Youth Fellowship

This chipper lass reminded me of Kristen Schaal, the “ugly girl” on the new Fox hit Last Man On Earth, which we marathon-watched last weekend.

We rarely watch Fox, since it’s at the bottom of our channel list. It’s like when your real grocery store runs out of an item, and you have to go to the second-closest store. That’s what going down to channel 705 is like. But after watching clips of Will Forte’s new show on several late night talk shows, we decided to give it a chance.

With January Jones, a filthy margarita pool (out of which he drinks while lying in it), and a 300 lb “friggin’ fat dude” who becomes more desirable than Forte within the first ten minutes of his appearance, what’s not to like?

Well, Kristen’s character, Carol, for one.

Truth be told, Schaal’s high-pitched voice is more repugnant than her fairly normal facial features. In fact, it’s that grating voice that garnered her many animated roles. I’m all for grammar Nazis, of which Carol is one, but her incessant rule-abiding (including not running stop signs or parking in handicapped spots), when there were (at that point) only two people left on this side of the world, makes you want to roundhouse kick her. You root for Will (who plays Phil) and then you root against him. And back and forth until your head explodes.

But after the most recent episode, she’d begun to grow on us. It’s crazy farfetched; the (mostly white-ish and over 35) characters seem remarkably healthy (without fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, or meat to sustain them, save a couple tomatoes) and fairly emotionally stable, considering a virus killed all their loved ones, including all animals except one cow. A cow–which they evidently can milk, although there is no sign of a calf nor the cow being pregnant. So you really have to suspend your belief here. But if you do, you’re in for a fun ride.

Blossom Or Sue Heck?

When I discovered this shot of happy teens playing some version of Alsatian Red Rover, I couldn’t decide if the lass in stripes and updo was Blossom/The Big Bag Theory‘s Mayim Bialik

or The Middle’s Eden Sher.

What do you think?