Because That’s How Sexy People Pose

If Pink suddenly developed a Madonna-esque Material Girl fixation with Marilyn Monroe, rushed out to the closest Supercuts for a bad bleach job and an even worse perm, lamented her decision and (in lieu of shaving it all off a la Britney Spears) drank the regret away with Fireball Whisky, jumped aboard a casino boat and (while at the buffet) stole several of their fiesta-themed napkins and fashioned them into a bikini, then (like Natalie Wood) “fell” off the boat and wound up ashore at dawn with a beast of a hangover, briefly considered an alternate career as a driftwood artist, and decided that her first good decision of the day would be to seductively climb aboard a plywood crate, sucking in that tummy–it would look like this.

Not So Spooky In Daylight

October 001

Saturday afternoon, eighty degrees, not a cloud in the sky. But Halloween is in the air, and there are decorations to be found. Clap if you dare!

October 002

Witches seem whimsical.

October 004Except for the Snow White kind, with her chinny-chin-chin. Hey, y’all.

October 008This witch looks like she belongs with the Peanuts gang.

October 016

A pint-sized Dracula gave me a hankering for sugary cereal.

October 014

Count Chocula, anyone?


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