15 thoughts on “Outside The Tastee-Freez

      1. Oh, my gosh, that looks delicious. We DO need that. I literally just returned from the grocery store, wearing a T-shirt, cut off shorts, and velcro Polo sandals. It’s already too hot to water the yard. But another cold front tonight, maybe dipping to 59! Are you already wearing sweaters?


      2. 59? That’s brutal for Texas, yes? You betcha (I don’t really say that 😉 ) I’ve taken out my sweaters and the shorts have been put away until next summer. I am always sad when summer goes away and winter takes its place. (rare to have the month-long fall we’ve had–usually just rains the leaves of the trees for a week or so, then snow) Will need your humor to get me through, friend Kerbey.

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  1. This picture just makes me smile. I was and am a city boy but I have spent some time in the country. Tastee Freeze was more than an ice cream shop. It was a center of activity for teenagers. A hangout. A place to eat and drink and exchange gossip. Thanks for the memory and the smiles.

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