Eat Those Leftovers, Dagnabbit

While you are pigging out gluttonously this Black Friday, don’t forget that stars are pigging out, too. They may be purging later, but don’t you make that mistake. Your relatives slaved over those dishes. Speaking of slaving, here’s our favorite pinafored redhead cooking a roast.

Judy Garland may not have been over the rainbow, but I bet she was over the moon about this chicken.

Marilyn gets some help from a swarthy friend, while donning an inappropriate halter dress. Even Giada wouldn’t wear that in the kitchen.

Marilyn Monroe cooking

Now Giada would wear this. Can any man resist Sophia Loren’s pasta-making skills?

For the ladies, here’s Ol’ Blue Eyes about to dunk his doughnut in 1950.

buzzfeed again, you guys
buzzfeed again, you guys

Rita Hayworth seems to be taking an awfully big bite in that easily-stainable white bikini. And is that a sea monkey at her feet?


Do What You Do When You Did What You Did To Me

The Blog of Funny Names

These inspired lyrics are from the 80s hit “Do What You Do” by Jermaine LaJuane Jackson. ♫♪ I remember rollerskating to them back in the day, and thinking what a funny chorus that was. But not nearly as funny as the names of his kids, which we will discover today. Shown here is a solid handful of some of them.

Today I learned that  it was not Michael who first parted ways with The Jackson 5. It was Jermaine. While his brothers decided to leave Motown Records, he chose to stay. You see, Motown’s founder was Berry Gordy, and Jermaine was enamored of his daughter, Hazel.

He took Hazel to be his wife in 1973, while still a teen. Together, they had Jermaine, Jr and Autumn Joi (not to be confused with Almond Joy). But fidelity was not his bag, baby. Jermaine got himself a girlfriend named Margaret Maldonado, who gave birth to Jeremy

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Late Afternoon Cattle Drive

Day 1 Ft Worth 020We spent a long weekend in Ft. Worth and caught this 4pm daily cattle drive in The Stockyards. The day before had been a lovely sunny and 75, but a cold front took it down to freezing that night, and folks were bundled up in scarves and hoodies.

Day 1 Ft Worth 016

This guy led the drive down the cobblestone street.

Day 1 Ft Worth 023

That solid longhorn (in beautiful burnt orange!) made me laugh, because he kept nudging the cow in front of him with his horns.

Day 1 Ft Worth 024It only lasted a few minutes, but it was hard not to want to step out and touch them.

Day 1 Ft Worth 025

Big Hoss brought up the caboose, and then it was over. Afterward, we got some old-time bottled soda and meandered through the shops. A fun way to round out the twilight hours. But this sign did catch my editor’s eye and caused me to grimace.

Day 1 Ft Worth 052

Inside Lincoln, Nebraska 1943, Part III

Rocket 1943 Yearbook

Today we wrap up the series on Lincoln Nebraska during 1943. All of these pics were taken from the Northeast High School Yearbook, otherwise lost to posterity. I’m so glad to preserve these images digitally, and thereby preserve bits of history.


“Making these for defense?” I don’t know how a hog house aids defense, but there’s a lot I don’t know. Like the words “Modernage” and “dirndl.” Maybe a dirndl dress was a good distraction from the worry of brothers and boyfriends fighting overseas.


Meanwhile, back at the hatchery…Rocket43-HillHatchery


Here a woman reviews wallpaper samples at Van Sickle’s Paint Store, and a couple checks out rakes at the hardware store.

Even though life wasn’t “business as usual,” a little butter and rouge could help preserve a lady’s sanity.

Thanks for joining me on this glimpse into Lincoln!

Inside Lincoln, Nebraska 1943, Part II



Fourteen points! Can you imagine buying meat with points? War changed life on the homefront.

Down at Helin’s Grocery, you could take your pick of produce without using your blue ration coupons. That’s a good way to get folks to eat their greens.



Able-bodied men who were not overseas were able to advise ladies on fruit purchases.


But who wants cheap fruit when there’s a bakery nearby?

Harmony Bakery

Inside Lincoln, Nebraska 1943, Part I

Smack-dab in the middle of WWII, life went on in small town America.

The Rocket 1943
The Rocket 1943


Fortunately, that wasn’t the only place to go for a Coke date. Baker Pharmacy was also well-stocked.


Aware that their future likely held military enlistment, teen boys from Northeast High School enjoyed the luxury of hometown life, hot food, and picture shows such as World At War.




Every Last One Bobbed

1926 Pine Burr
1926 Pine Burr Football Sponsor and her maids


From what I gather, a “sponsor” was like the head of the pep squad. Betty Greer (“origin of the pep”) had maids, all with modern bobbed hair. But it doesn’t sound like she sponsored in the sense of providing funds. Although–props for your nice pearls and mink stole, Betty. PineBurr1926--025

And here are the boys for whom they cheered. These youthful guys, born at the turn of the century, long gone.

PineBurr1926--027Most of their kids are probably gone, too. But Berton’s hair lives on forever.


The World Before Photoshop

Arrowhead, 1951
Arrowhead, 1951

Here we see some high school class officers. The XY-gene carriers all appear fairly normal. But Norma–Norma appears to have some botched surgery. I can’t quite figure it out. Clearly a female body was present for the photo, but then someone shrunk her head a la Beetlejuice, or took a head from another pic and pushed it inside the hair. Or do you suppose her head is just oddly petite? I don’t get it.

Help. Me.
Help. Me.
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