Late Afternoon Cattle Drive

Day 1 Ft Worth 020We spent a long weekend in Ft. Worth and caught this 4pm daily cattle drive in The Stockyards. The day before had been a lovely sunny and 75, but a cold front took it down to freezing that night, and folks were bundled up in scarves and hoodies.

Day 1 Ft Worth 016

This guy led the drive down the cobblestone street.

Day 1 Ft Worth 023

That solid longhorn (in beautiful burnt orange!) made me laugh, because he kept nudging the cow in front of him with his horns.

Day 1 Ft Worth 024It only lasted a few minutes, but it was hard not to want to step out and touch them.

Day 1 Ft Worth 025

Big Hoss brought up the caboose, and then it was over. Afterward, we got some old-time bottled soda and meandered through the shops. A fun way to round out the twilight hours. But this sign did catch my editor’s eye and caused me to grimace.

Day 1 Ft Worth 052

12 thoughts on “Late Afternoon Cattle Drive

  1. Long horn cows are pretty cool. Odd but cool. This cattle drive seems pretty tame compared to the ones I’ve seen in old movies. In either event “Don’t Mses with Texas.” Right?

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