Eat Those Leftovers, Dagnabbit

While you are pigging out gluttonously this Black Friday, don’t forget that stars are pigging out, too. They may be purging later, but don’t you make that mistake. Your relatives slaved over those dishes. Speaking of slaving, here’s our favorite pinafored redhead cooking a roast.

Judy Garland may not have been over the rainbow, but I bet she was over the moon about this chicken.

Marilyn gets some help from a swarthy friend, while donning an inappropriate halter dress. Even Giada wouldn’t wear that in the kitchen.

Marilyn Monroe cooking

Now Giada would wear this. Can any man resist Sophia Loren’s pasta-making skills?

For the ladies, here’s Ol’ Blue Eyes about to dunk his doughnut in 1950.

buzzfeed again, you guys
buzzfeed again, you guys

Rita Hayworth seems to be taking an awfully big bite in that easily-stainable white bikini. And is that a sea monkey at her feet?


8 thoughts on “Eat Those Leftovers, Dagnabbit

  1. Why do I get the feeling that these female stars were no strangers in the kitchen. Except for MM. She probably hadn’t been in a kitchen since she was 16. Oh I do like Giada. Her and Sophia have this smoldering sensuality that drive men crazy. As for ol’ Blue Eyes from what I have heard he was well know for dunking his donut.

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  2. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kerbey! This collection was a great one to show my Mom. We are sitting watching Hallmark all day Friday and Saturday.
    I liked Lucy, Judy and Marilyn’s, the Best. Just liked the famous and glamorous photos, I guess. Vincent Prices was funny.


    1. We had a great one as well, and also have watched half a dozen Hallmark movies this weekend. We don’t want to miss any of them. We notice half the time, the couple kisses at the end, the snow starts falling, and they look up and smile. 😉

      I’m glad you liked the pics. They were glamorous, as you say!


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