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Every Last One Bobbed

1926 Pine Burr
1926 Pine Burr Football Sponsor and her maids


From what I gather, a “sponsor” was like the head of the pep squad. Betty Greer (“origin of the pep”) had maids, all with modern bobbed hair. But it doesn’t sound like she sponsored in the sense of providing funds. Although–props for your nice pearls and mink stole, Betty. PineBurr1926--025

And here are the boys for whom they cheered. These youthful guys, born at the turn of the century, long gone.

PineBurr1926--027Most of their kids are probably gone, too. But Berton’s hair lives on forever.


3 thoughts on “Every Last One Bobbed”

  1. Wow. That was a wonderful glimpse into a world so similar to our own yet alien at the same time. Of course I can’t imagine a 155 pound end on any squad past Pop Warner. Also the language used in his write up would have garnered some remarks.

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