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The World Before Photoshop

Arrowhead, 1951
Arrowhead, 1951

Here we see some high school class officers. The XY-gene carriers all appear fairly normal. But Norma–Norma appears to have some botched surgery. I can’t quite figure it out. Clearly a female body was present for the photo, but then someone shrunk her head a la Beetlejuice, or took a head from another pic and pushed it inside the hair. Or do you suppose her head is just oddly petite? I don’t get it.

Help. Me.
Help. Me.

2 thoughts on “The World Before Photoshop”

  1. It does look as though someone cut a head from a different picture and glued it to Ol’ Norma. Now who and why would someone do that? The fact that she has unusually wide hair and tight end shoulders doesn’t help. Also having Billy Idol standing behind her can’t help.

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