Inside Lincoln, Nebraska 1943, Part III

Rocket 1943 Yearbook

Today we wrap up the series on Lincoln Nebraska during 1943. All of these pics were taken from the Northeast High School Yearbook, otherwise lost to posterity. I’m so glad to preserve these images digitally, and thereby preserve bits of history.


“Making these for defense?” I don’t know how a hog house aids defense, but there’s a lot I don’t know. Like the words “Modernage” and “dirndl.” Maybe a dirndl dress was a good distraction from the worry of brothers and boyfriends fighting overseas.


Meanwhile, back at the hatchery…Rocket43-HillHatchery


Here a woman reviews wallpaper samples at Van Sickle’s Paint Store, and a couple checks out rakes at the hardware store.

Even though life wasn’t “business as usual,” a little butter and rouge could help preserve a lady’s sanity.

Thanks for joining me on this glimpse into Lincoln!

11 thoughts on “Inside Lincoln, Nebraska 1943, Part III”

  1. A standing ovation for your scenic travel through time and country to glimpse life in WWII Lincoln Nebraska. A dirndl dress is a type of dress popularized by Oktoberfest as traditional Bavarian wear.You know the kind. Billowy skirt with lots of petticoats. Swirling freely while the bodice holds firmly to the ample German bosom.

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