Ample Ardor

I just purchased a 1943 Texas A&I College yearbook. Though the country was at war, the students still found time to make merry.

In fact, there seemed to be a smooching epidemic!

But as far as the FFA Barn Dance, I won’t even hazard a guess as to what was going on here.

DeSoto: Like The Spanish Explorer, It Just Keeps Conquistadoring

LIFE 08-15-49

In actuality, the DeSoto stopped conquistadoring in 1961, due in large part to the 1958 recession, from which sales failed to recover. That year, DeSoto sales were 60 percent lower than those of 1957. In addition, Ford introduced a new mid-price competitor with the Edsel, which seemed intimidating at the time–but we all know became a symbol for an utter commercial failure. But long live the memory of the DeSoto!

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