Laundry Day

While one student pours cola down his gullet, one pours soap powder into a machine at Northwestern University in 1957. No doubt those argyle socks will be at the bottom of next week’s hamper. Have you ever used powdered soap?

The ladies below operate a more outdated model of washer, back in 1947. However, the flat lid seems helpful in removing items. One dame appears to be posting rules, although it seems difficult to lean all the way over the washer just to read them. A boy and a pram stand at the outer edge of the shot.

Once laundry is done drying, it must be folded and put away.

No, you mustn’t leave it in there to cool.

No, you mustn’t drape it over a chair in procrastination.

Just dump it on the couch and fold it as you watch TV. Then put it away in drawers, as these Texas ladies did in 1948.

And always watch your back.

When Your Dryer Has A Faulty Belt And It Sounds Like It’s Functioning Normally, But The Drum Of Wet Clothes Won’t Spin So Plan B

Natl Geographic June 1963
Natl Geographic June 1963

A serviceman gazes up at mostly-white skivvies drying in the warm Genoan sun as he steadily climbs upward in the Truogoli di Santa Brigida. Due to a shortage of space, Genoan buildings grow upward.

Incidentally, the quiet nook of Truogoli di Santa Brigida receives a 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

One reviewer said, “ジェノバ・プリンチペ駅から王宮へ向かって道を下る途中、王宮手前の右手に路地へ入っていく場所がある。 この様に口コミサイ…” which means “much fun party!” No, I don’t know what that says.

Another review read, “Reliable local simple and tasty cuisine, in a beautiful and typical square of the historic center of Genoa, just behind the Royal Palace of Via Balbi. Among the first great typical ravioli Genoese touch and fresh pasta, good also with meat, often cooked according to traditional recipes from Liguria (rabbit, roast), plus a few fast and light dish like octopus with vegetables. Discrete bottled wines, excellent quality/price ratio.”

Makes one wonder if the laundry drying in the Italian sun would smell “linen fresh” or ripe with hints of game and basil…

Looks Like I Picked The Right Decade (in which) To Be A Housewife

1949 Popular Mechanics
1949 Popular Mechanics

This just broke my brain. That is not a flat iron. That is not a Chi. Drying clothes happens inside a house, not near trees. Serious planning and diagramming was involved to just DRY CLOTHES. The woman on the right looks quite vexed, like an angry cat. She needs a box of wine.

And check out the master of coat hanger origami.

PopMech020Oh, my poor grandmothers! I haven’t hung stockings/hose to dry this century. Does anyone wear pantyhose any more? Is metallurgy required? Does anyone even USE WIRE HANGERS? I sure as H do not. I saw Mommy Dearest. I’m no fool.

And what on earth is this? I can do both the Mashed Potato and the Twist, but not in a bowl of pajamas.


What kind of female McGyver was the housewife of yesteryear supposed to be? She was too busy making avocado melon Jell-O molds to dabble in repurposing kitchen utensils. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

P.S. this looks safe.



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