Laundry Day

While one student pours cola down his gullet, one pours soap powder into a machine at Northwestern University in 1957. No doubt those argyle socks will be at the bottom of next week’s hamper. Have you ever used powdered soap?

The ladies below operate a more outdated model of washer, back in 1947. However, the flat lid seems helpful in removing items. One dame appears to be posting rules, although it seems difficult to lean all the way over the washer just to read them. A boy and a pram stand at the outer edge of the shot.

Once laundry is done drying, it must be folded and put away.

No, you mustn’t leave it in there to cool.

No, you mustn’t drape it over a chair in procrastination.

Just dump it on the couch and fold it as you watch TV. Then put it away in drawers, as these Texas ladies did in 1948.

And always watch your back.

6 thoughts on “Laundry Day”

  1. I think that the only time I have used a powder detergent was when I had to buy some soap at the laundromat. Curious. My mother probably used liquid, though I don’t really recall.

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  2. I remember using powered detergent, yes, Kerbey, lugging a box of it to the college dorm with me. If you didn’t distribute it right in the washer, it wouldn’t dissolve totally and you’d get chunks on your supposedly clean clothes. Or maybe that was because I’d wait too long to do my laundry and jammed the washer too full …

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