Rice University Flooded

Jeremiah Chikota @JmiahChikota

Houston’s prestigious Rice University has been hit hard by Harvey.¬†Though the school will officially remain closed through Wednesday, one wonders how students will even be able to attend class at all.

Though nothing of this proportion has ever been witnessed in Houston, my issue of the 1975 Rice yearbook shows students out and about in lesser downpours. Houston, in my own experience, can flood at the drop of a dime.

I bet none of these students could ever have imagined what happened this past weekend at their alma mater. Please pray for Houston.



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LIFE 9/5/49

“Giveaway King” Adolphe Wenland sits at his desk in a Hollywood hotel before a blackboard which lists the clients whose products he arranges to have given away. Clients, who are attracted by the free publicity, pay him to get their merchandise on the big programs. He has given away everything from music boxes to monkeys.

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