12 thoughts on “Let’s All Hold Bottles And Look Fancy

  1. My fave is the dude with the slicked back hair in the second photo. What, exactly, does he have tied around his neck? It looks like a bunch of chrysanthemums. (Have you ever tried typing “chrysanthemums”? Man, that word will make your fingers stumble!.)

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    1. You mean with the chin sort of jutted out like he’s doing a Brando impression? A flower at my throat would bother me. We just call them “mums” here–so much easier.


  2. That is quite the neck corsage that chap is sporting, isn’t it? Is there even a word for a neck corsage? These images of people dressed up in their gladrags while drinking straight from the neck of a bottle reminds me of my mother telling me I looked “unfeminine” because I was drinking from a pint glass. Far better, in her opinion, for me to have two half pint glasses in front of me instead. Bonkers.

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    1. Oh, my. I bet I’ve had over a thousand pints in my life. Please don’t tell her that. At one Mexican restaurant we visit often, I get the 24 ounce glass of Blue Moon. But I’m usually wearing a dress and heels when I do. Does that count?

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      1. Ha ha! My mother is one of those weird people who raised her children – male and female – to be feminists yet gets these peculiar notions about trivial things. I have spent my lifetime doing what I wanted to do regardless. I don’t think I have ever drunk from a half-pint glass. Indeed, I can quite often be the person ordering a jug of sangria when I am the only person drinking. I wonder how many half-pint glasses that would require.

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