6 thoughts on “Needle And Thread, Gonna Wind Up Dead

      1. Ah, no–you’re not missing out on much. I can’t keep up w/ my son. Most of the teens don’t even listen to the radio. They all have Spotify accounts and listen to God knows what. They’ll be few collective memories, I imagine, since they don’t have shared experiences as far as there being 300 TV channels and youtube and music sites. I figure if I ask you to sing me the chorus of “Hang on, Sloopy,” you could. But this next generation is so isolated from each other. Who can assume which songs they all know?

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      2. Excellent observation. When I was a teen AM radio was king; later a few FM stations started playing “groovy” tunes. In both cases when you mentioned the Beatles, Stones or Temptations every kid knew what you were talking about. Now with all of different music outlets the common experience is diminished. Curious. Hang on Sloopy-Sloopy Hang on…

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