9 thoughts on “Monkeying Around”

  1. Zebras are actually black with white stripes. This makes them sort of like bar codes wherein the machine reads the white lines, not the black ones. Not everyone knows these facts. Or cares for that matter.

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      1. It’s been steady rain all day (we’re just northwest of Austin), and the trees are taking a pounding from the wind, but nothing to prevent us from going out to eat and shopping earlier. The dogs are sitting on the back porch, just staring at the shaking trees. We had to explain the concept of “rain” to the dogs like Anne Sullivan teaching Helen Keller water. The stores were all sold of water by yesterday morning; folks went a little overkill here. We’ve still got clean city water and electricity, unlike coastal towns like Corpus and Rockport, whose high school collapsed. More concerned for our friends closer to Houston, which is about to get a spanking, and family on the Blanco River, which has risen 35 feet before and had trucks floating by two years ago. You know what Tom Petty says about waiting. Not sure how many folks will show up to church in just over 12 hrs. And how are Max’s paws by now?

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  2. I hope your friends and family stay safe and that you guys and pups are not too inconvenienced by the rain. I can picture the dogs trying to figure out “what the heck is this stuff? It makes us smell bad.” Big pain in the rump…stay safe.

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