Pottery Makes People Angry

1950 Cactus

Well, If I Could Walk On Water, If I Could Find Some Way To Prove

Natl Geographic Dec 49

Heavy rains cover the grounds of Constitution Square, making Athenians appear to walk on water. At the top, you can see the Acropolis and the 2400 year-old Parthenon. The sign in the center of the square (half-covered by water), reads: Save the children of Greece from abduction, as a protest against Communist indoctrination within the Iron Curtain. As the world turns…


Rave For Dave, Part Deux

The Blog of Funny Names

Hello, dear readers! Kerbey here. Today we continue our Rave for Dave Campaign, as we sing the praises of our fearless Blog of Funny Names leader. In yesterday’s post, Fannie updated us on his health issue, and ways we can contribute to his GoFundMe page. With our support, we can help him win this battle! To add to that support, I offer my silly and sincere ode to brave Dave.

Ode To Dave, Who Is Strong Like Bull

What can I say of my pal, Dave?

His friendship is a gift

He’s a glass half-full, super middleweight guy

With more enthusiasm than Taylor Swift

He’s hope and resilience, endurance and charm

Charisma and kindness, his nature

Ever-the-encourager, boxing-phile

Lover of nomenclature

So maybe he favors red hoodies

Maybe he’s donned zebra pants

Could he have worn a “Merry “Chrithmith” sweater?

I think there’s a pretty good chance

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