When Ancient Santorini Yayas Try To Fist Bump You, But Your Hands Are Full

Dec 88 Vogue

Sorry, Yaya. No fist bumps today. Hope that black isn’t absorbing all the heat from the sun. She looks happy enough. Even her left eyebrow is smiling. Somehow.

And you would, too, if you lived in Santorini, the croissant-shaped Greek island. Why, just look at it!

Sunset over the village of Oia © Andrew Mayovskyy / Shutterstock

Well, If I Could Walk On Water, If I Could Find Some Way To Prove

Natl Geographic Dec 49

Heavy rains cover the grounds of Constitution Square, making Athenians appear to walk on water. At the top, you can see the Acropolis and the 2400 year-old Parthenon. The sign in the center of the square (half-covered by water), reads: Save the children of Greece from abduction, as a protest against Communist indoctrination within the Iron Curtain. As the world turns…


Old Greeks And Hookah Pipes

Thanks for stopping by for the final installment of sponges, something about which you’d never thought you’d waste five seconds of your (mostly half-lived) life reading. Fried shrimp and tobacco never looked so fun. NatlGeoJan47-035One thing I’ve discovered is that the writers at NG were pretty clever. I especially enjoyed this reference to “Milady’s bath.” NatlGeoJan47-039And now to the weird part of the Tarpon Springs culture, where young men (and future sponge-divers) dive into frosty January waters to retrieve an emblem. You know, like Labradors do. NatlGeoJan47-040To the winner, go the spoils. You’d think having washboard abs is its own reward, but evidently the blessing was nice, too. NatlGeoJan47-041   Well, I hope you absorbed all that. Like. A. Sponge. Come on; I had to.