Mid-Century Must-Haves

The good Catholic boys of Corpus Christi College-Academy in 1950 listed their prize possessions for their yearbook senior portraits. You will find nothing technology-related. It was a simpler time. Take John Carew, for example:


He cherished his bag of marbles and yo-yo. And if he reached his ambition, just think how many more marbles he could buy!

Some boys prized their own good looks, like Mr. Anderson.


Honestly, would you have even known it was red?

Still others prized life at the academy itself, like the redundantly-named Brian O’Brien.


These two favored material objects.


And while no graduating 2016 senior would put a portable radio at the top of his list, some things never change. Men love cars.


Here’s hoping Rob Klepac is still burning gas 66 years later.

When Your Name Is An Adjective That Looks Like An Adverb

The Blog of Funny Names

Today’s beholder of a funny name is testerosterone-filled trabadour Manly Wade Wellman. Technically, a troubadour is a composer or poet, while Wellman was an author of sci-fi and fantasy, but writing is writing, no?

Before we dig into the person that was Wellman, I’d like us to reflect on how his name contains both Manly and Man. And if, purely hypothetically, one were to drink three pints of Blue Moon and glance at his name, it might appear to say Manly Well-Made Man. His image does not betray his name.

http://david-drake.com/ http://david-drake.com/

As they say on Chat Stew, “So meaty!”

Wellman passed away 30 years ago this month, but during his nearly 83 years, his science fiction and fantasy stories appeared in such pulps as Astounding Stories, Startling StoriesUnknown and Strange StoriesHe was a contributor to the legendary Weird Tales, which published his fantasy and horror stories…

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The Mass That Matters

Sunbeam 1959
Sunbeam 1959

Billy Joel sang that “Catholic girls start much too late,” but what did he know? Jeanne didn’t start bleaching her hair too late. I think these ladies were right on time. Studying Shakespeare, enjoying vending machine coffee and Clark bars–these are the stuff of life.


Young women were getting their learning on, sans the distraction of boys.

St. Mary's Academy, Amarillo, TX 1959
St. Mary’s Academy, Amarillo, TX 1959

A nun supervised a student who was evidently keen on growing out her sideburns.


A morning laugh with gal-pals in sensible warm coats started the day on the right foot.


And what could be better than spending time in the sweetest home room in Saint Mary’s?


Genius Idea: Mashing Grapes With Wine Bottle Itself

June 1968

National Geographic describes this Viennese toiler as “an old-timer tamping bunches into a backpack.” Odd-looking backpack. And it’s not a wine bottle, but you knew that. It’s a pige.

And this here is pigeage.


This process is known in French as pigeage and is part of the maceration process that extracts color, flavor and aroma compounds from the grape skins into the wine.–wikimedia

Seems like the same idea as a mortar and pestle, no?

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