Mid-Century Must-Haves

The good Catholic boys of Corpus Christi College-Academy in 1950 listed their prize possessions for their yearbook senior portraits. You will find nothing technology-related. It was a simpler time. Take John Carew, for example:


He cherished his bag of marbles and yo-yo. And if he reached his ambition, just think how many more marbles he could buy!

Some boys prized their own good looks, like Mr. Anderson.


Honestly, would you have even known it was red?

Still others prized life at the academy itself, like the redundantly-named Brian O’Brien.


These two favored material objects.


And while no graduating 2016 senior would put a portable radio at the top of his list, some things never change. Men love cars.


Here’s hoping Rob Klepac is still burning gas 66 years later.



  1. I assume when Robert talks about “burning gas” he’s talking about driving his baby-blue convertible. If he were to write that now can you imagine how many folks would scream bloody murder.

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Observation and Interpretation:

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