6 thoughts on “Local Man Falls Into Coma After Overexposure To Clashing Prints

  1. There must have been a shortage of men on the Sooner’s campus back in ’64, or the guy looked like George Clooney. The women look too mischievous for his personal safety.

    “Listen girls, we stun him with the overwhelming prints, then drag him back to our dorm. He’ll never know what hit him.” 😉

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    1. It’s funny that you say that bc there are SO MANY pics of sorority girls w/ stuffed animals, that I was thinking, “Why play with your toys when you have boys?” None of them had even been shipped to ‘Nam yet… Maybe this guy was the pick o’ the litter, as you say.

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  2. I agree with Frannie about the demeanor of the girls. Of course who would complain? A possible answer to the toys vs boys conundrum is that 64 was pre “sexual revolution” so it is possible that stuffed animals and cold showers were more the norm.

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