Shoulda Learned To Rope And Ride

Today we return with more fun rodeo pics from days of yore. Let’s start with pre-Sonicare preparation. No rodeo queen wants dingy teeth.

What she does want is a cowboy.

One who looks at her like this. 

One to think about on the long bus rides.

One to make babies with.

But in the meantime, let’s just enjoy the show.

Don’t forget your posture.

Or the moves to your routine.

Flash that smile.

And some day, you may grow up to be her.

Despite her misgivings.

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It Ain’t No Woman Flesh And Blood

“… it’s that damned old rodeo,” sang Garth Brooks. And while he was singing abut it, Lisa Eisner was attending rodeos and snapping shots across the country. In her 2000 book, Rodeo Girl, we see glimpses of rodeo life, to which many folks are never privy.

However, I think most of us are familiar with this body language.

90s kicker fashion was hard to accept. Those uncomfortable buttoned tops that barely made it to your belly button, and the Rocky Mountain jeans that absolutely did.

Pair it with perms and vertical stripes, and you’re in like Flynn.

A sash means you’re somebody.

Hanging with friends in low places.

Don’t forget your skill set, girls!

Come back tomorrow for some backstage scenes!