It Ain’t No Woman Flesh And Blood

“… it’s that damned old rodeo,” sang Garth Brooks. And while he was singing abut it, Lisa Eisner was attending rodeos and snapping shots across the country. In her 2000 book, Rodeo Girl, we see glimpses of rodeo life, to which many folks are never privy. However, I think most of us are familiar withContinue reading “It Ain’t No Woman Flesh And Blood”

Vintage Scenes From Kansas, Part II

Welcome back to vintage Kansas! Here, a cute pinafored threesome pose in front of non-GMO corn. And below, you see a couple who were clearly fruitful and multiplied. Not even a delicious fruit-filled cellar could make up for the treeless flatland of this barren landscape. But I still applaud Mrs. Schoenfeldt for her efforts.  

Vintage Scenes From Kansas, Part I

Today I thought I’d share a few great pics from one of my documentary photograph books, “Bust To Boom.” Love the girl cradling her lamb and the post-meal shot below. I find the one below interesting because of the swell framed pin-up drinking soda (Did he seriously frame that?) and the phrase “checking his waybills.”