Bills Are Rising, And So Is My Mailbox

This Little Fork, Minnesota farmer was tired of state road plows burying his mailbox beneath 10 foot drifts. So he used his noggin and attached the mailbox to a log boom, resembling an old-fashioned well sweep. “Kerbey, what’s a well sweep?” you may be asking. Per, A well sweep is a device used toContinue reading “Bills Are Rising, And So Is My Mailbox”

Mad About Milk

The milk isn’t sour, but the looks on these lasses sure are. The middle makes the picture. A bearded geezer and a man hoofing a canister. Love it! AJ Earp took this pic in 1905 at the Cliff Owen dairy farm in Winchester, Kentucky. The milk was probably raw and definitely whole. I don’t trustContinue reading “Mad About Milk”

Breed Your Own Foghorn Leghorn

These are the last of the salvaged Progressive Farmer ads, and two of the only color ones in the otherwise dull beige magazine. It sure enough does catch the eye. The girl with the twinkle in her eye, the baby chicks, Mom’s head-to-toe modern ensemble–not worn by any farmer’s wife, I can assure you. Here’s the whole thing: AsContinue reading “Breed Your Own Foghorn Leghorn”

More Ads From The Now Dead 1939 Progressive Farmer

I was able to salvage a few ads from The Progressive Farmer before I chunked it yesterday. These were too cute to pass up. Those are some nice curves, if I do say so myself. I can almost hear her saying, “Toodles!” And check out his curves as he arches into fresh running water. ItContinue reading “More Ads From The Now Dead 1939 Progressive Farmer”

Vintage Scenes From Kansas, Part II

Welcome back to vintage Kansas! Here, a cute pinafored threesome pose in front of non-GMO corn. And below, you see a couple who were clearly fruitful and multiplied. Not even a delicious fruit-filled cellar could make up for the treeless flatland of this barren landscape. But I still applaud Mrs. Schoenfeldt for her efforts.