Breed Your Own Foghorn Leghorn


These are the last of the salvaged Progressive Farmer ads, and two of the only color ones in the otherwise dull beige magazine. It sure enough does catch the eye. The girl with the twinkle in her eye, the baby chicks, Mom’s head-to-toe modern ensemble–not worn by any farmer’s wife, I can assure you. Here’s the whole thing:


As I don’t often ever come across the word “leghorn” in my daily life, I was reminded of Foghorn Leghorn, the Warner Bros chicken from back in the day.


Also in the magazine, in the same brilliant color, was another ad for raising chicks, with a view of the “brooder room.”


At first I thought indignantly, “Well, it wasn’t cage-free 75 years ago either!” but then I realized you have to provide clean, dry, comfortable quarters for birds throughout the year and not let them roam about to be stolen by wily foxes.

So there you have it, folks: the last of the farming ads of 1939. And remember–chickens were waaaaaay smaller (and healthier) then. See for yourself.

30 thoughts on “Breed Your Own Foghorn Leghorn

    • No, it’s terrible on them and us. Agreed. We try to get our eggs from a friend who raises them, but more often it’s the store, and they’ve gotten so expensive lately due to that bird flu! They have definitely pushed it too far in the supersizing.

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  1. Chicken has always been a big seller in restaurants. I think an oven roasted bird is one of the most sublimely delicious dishes around. Tender and moist with crisp skin. Yum. That being said I remember my Grandma wringing their necks for Sunday dinner. I also remember getting mugged by the Rooster when I strayed too close to his turf. You’re right about the woman. If she’s a Farmer’s wife she must moon light as a flapper.

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  2. I’m with Benson , I ‘m always a bit leery of cleanses and such. Some are dangerous and few actually do anything of any value. They strain your systems and can cause medical damage. I know many people who do them regularly, so you are not alone Kerbey. Check with your doctor on his/her opinion. Please don’t hurt yourself Kerbey – we would be very sad.

    Anyway -chickens – that size comparison is incredible Kerbey. I had no idea. Wow.

    Great post.


      • Our gastro-intestinal tracts are so complex they can process most anything. That said, there are certain requirements to maximize absorption of Vitamins and nutrients – and one of those is the presence of a certain amount of roughage – physical solid material. It provides a matrix to which the chemicals necessary for digestion can attach and then work. A sort of catalyst field. A liquid diet produces considerably less nutrition per gram than a proper solid diet. Anyway, just my soap box Kerbey. 😀

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      • Well, it wasn’t liquid per se. I had to chew it and use a spoon. So plenty of roughage. By evening, we were losing our minds, so we grilled up two fish fillets w/ olive oil. Then fruit shake this morning. I don’t know how people just do water/lemon fasts. They are nutballs.

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