Pre-Pandora Record Store

Lemcke's in Webster Groves, Missouri
Lemcke’s in Webster Groves, Missouri (Time-Life Books)


  1. The way that one girl is bent over the old record player, she really isn’t ignoring the boys, I don’t think, Kerbey. I like the way the other kids are reading magazines in the background! I wonder if they are music mags, or Mad, with Alred E. Neuman not worrying on the cover.

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      • When we go shoot pool now, all the bars have those touch-screeen jukeboxes, and all the songs are $1 each, unless you can find the less desirable songs, which I can. It takes FOREVER to go through song by song to choose 20 like I do, and by then, half your songs are over. And the young people just use their phones to pick the songs from their barstools and pay extra to override my choices for theirs. It’s made bars terrible. I miss the Wurlitzer, all stylish and sleek.:(


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