Milk For Moose Calf

by Kurt B. Florman

This gangly moose calf was separated from its mama during a forest fire and rescued at Beaver Bay, 50 miles from Duluth, Minnesota in 1935.

Terrier Trot

I discovered this festive Christmas painting in an art magazine by artist Dan Williams. The idea of snow and colder weather is incredibly appealing as we continue to swelter.

Williams also does a swell summer scene, evoking a chill mood.

How’s About Cookin’ Something Up With Me?

by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration

This rollerskate-clad lady doesn’t seem too shy with the slick-haired fellow at a rink in Southside, Chicago, Illinois in April 1941.  Looks like there’s a good chance they’ll “find us a new recipe,” in the words of Ol’ Hank. Not sure what to do with that onlooking third wheel, though…

Bumpky Pumpky

These lovelies sat adjacent to the shopping carts yesterday, ensuring that no one was spared the somewhat unsettling gourds. Not exactly choice specimens for carving, but still a sign of the autumn we long for.

And just to be clear–it’s NOT beginning to feel a lot like autumn. Hot and dry with no end in sight. When will it ever end?

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