Laverne & Shirley, As We’d Always Suspected

1978 Cactus

No, no, it’s not that! It’s two co-eds passing a lifesaver on toothpicks during Halloween of 1977. In fact, all of these images are of college students celebrating Halloween that year. Bless her heart…

It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Double Dracula!

An ape loving his Chiquita Banana.

Reverse border patrol agent.  

Classic clowns. 

Members of Devo with a wooly beast.

And who could forget Tarzan and Jane? 


Halloween 1978

The original Halloween was released 40 years ago, in 1978.

It still creeps me out. That mask is terrifying.

But the students at the University of Texas in 1978 were fairly tame by comparison. I’m not even sure what the woman on the left is. A younger girl?

These were “50s be-boppers.”

The large Groucho nose was a big deal in the late 70s. Why did everyone have Raggedy Ann cheeks?

Now this is more like it.

I still can’t figure out what was the deal with clowns. At least there’s a vampire here, although his head looks more like Han Solo. 

The saucy wench looks like she’s having the most fun–and it isn’t even dark yet!

Costume Ideas From Days Of Yore, Part III

I love the expressions on these college kids.

UT 1949

UT 1949

Univ of Colorado 1955

Univ of Colorado 1955

This party’s theme appears to be tropical.

Sooners 1964

Sooners 1964

Granted, Faith Hill wasn’t born yet, but she sure looks kin to that lady on the right.

Fat chance you’ll get crowned Mr. or Miss Howdy, but no harm in trying. Coyote52-howdyCoyote52-howdy2

Tarzan, a funny pages vampire (?), and a big-forearmed Popeye


Wonder Twin powers: activate! Form of: Shelly and Wendy!

Rice 1989

Rice 1989

And this next one? Well, I sure hope it was Halloween. Otherwise, there’s too much estrogen in his chicken nuggets.

Aggies 1990

Aggies 1990