Laverne & Shirley, As We’d Always Suspected

1978 Cactus

No, no, it’s not that! It’s two co-eds passing a lifesaver on toothpicks during Halloween of 1977. In fact, all of these images are of college students celebrating Halloween that year. Bless her heart…

It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Double Dracula!

An ape loving his Chiquita Banana.

Reverse border patrol agent.  

Classic clowns. 

Members of Devo with a wooly beast.

And who could forget Tarzan and Jane? 

5 thoughts on “Laverne & Shirley, As We’d Always Suspected”

    1. Just looking at the yearbook today, I was like no, I can’t scan that image or I’ll get in trouble. There’s a close up of a cheerleader’s butt as she’s leaning over and then a guy holding her up and looking up her skirt and of course there’s always blackface in all of my pre-1960 yearbooks and then there was a flasher who flashed the girls on campus for fun.


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