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Shall We Gather At The Cannon October 26, 2018

Century of Change

It’s hard to fathom that just over 100 years ago (or “one person ago,” as Netflix comedian Joe Rogan would say) that women dressed like this. The corsets and flowy ankle-length dresses may have felt confining, but those hats must have weighed five pounds in themselves. Such were the times in 1911.

Only 6% of all 17-year-olds finished high school back then, and many women (such as these New York ladies in 1909) spent their days, bent down, making straw hats.

If not for the skills of the hat-makers in millinery shops, gossip columnist Hedda Hopper would never have been able to amass such a collection several decades later.

Century of Change

Overkill, yes?



8 Responses to “Shall We Gather At The Cannon”

  1. Benson Says:

    I do love hats but I am not sure how I would feel about them if I had to make them all day.

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  2. I find it interesting that Hedda Hopper had a mirror above her bed, hats not withstanding.

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  3. Hedda slept alone. I wonder why?

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  4. It certainly is a novel way of aiming a cannon. 😀

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