It’s That Time Of Year

Ah, the crisp air of autumn–not yet arrived here in muggy, dank … dare I say, sultry, Texas. Leaves are still green on many of the trees, and my hair is still frizzy with humidity. But Halloween, she comes. And with that, an obligation for children to trick or treat from home to home, virusContinue reading “It’s That Time Of Year”

I Vant To Drink Your COVID Antibodies

This ape found his Chiquita Banana. Although we bristle at this now, this was the reality of a 70s frat “Jungle Party” on 11/11/76. As Bob Wills says, “Time changes everything,” and we can see why. That’s the great thing about yearbooks; they never get re-edited. So while it reveals a context with which weContinue reading “I Vant To Drink Your COVID Antibodies”

Fall’s New Fence-Hopping Fabrics

Today we pay homage to the costumes of Old Sweden. The ladies above were from Rättvik, a Swedish lakeside locality adjacent to a bunch of words that sound like the Swedish Chef said them. They were waiting for a “conveyance” to take them back home. Who says that anymore? Probably not even the people ofContinue reading “Fall’s New Fence-Hopping Fabrics”

Laverne & Shirley, As We’d Always Suspected

No, no, it’s not that! It’s two co-eds passing a lifesaver on toothpicks during Halloween of 1977. In fact, all of these images are of college students celebrating Halloween that year. Bless her heart… It’s the Great Pumpkin! Double Dracula! An ape loving his Chiquita Banana. Reverse border patrol agent.   Classic clowns.  Members of DevoContinue reading “Laverne & Shirley, As We’d Always Suspected”