Bumpky Pumpky

These lovelies sat adjacent to the shopping carts yesterday, ensuring that no one was spared the somewhat unsettling gourds. Not exactly choice specimens for carving, but still a sign of the autumn we long for.

And just to be clear–it’s NOT beginning to feel a lot like autumn. Hot and dry with no end in sight. When will it ever end?

12 thoughts on “Bumpky Pumpky”

  1. What the heck are those things? I have seen them before and they still make me think of a low budget Sci Fi film. It starts out Fall in the mornings here. Temp 56. By noon or 1 PM it is 90. We are lucky that way. A bit of Fall and a bit of Summer all in one day. As irritating as that is I would not trade it for your 90 and 100 temp days I really like your new header picture. Bright and eager students headed to school in a WW 2 era trailer park. Very nice.

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    1. Fall and summer in one day sounds just fine with me. Boy, we sure are all feeling that heat in some way. I couldn’t pass up that picture when I saw those girls at a Sarasota, Florida trailer park. I have a weakness for a high resolution picture LOL.


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