Hello, Figs


Finally! Five days left of July, and our fig tree finally decided–after two months of harboring little green pods–to turn them purple and heavy with sweetness. So pluck them I did and off they went into a bowl in the kitchen. It’s been 100 degrees here every day this week, and thick with humidity, so you can imagine what a nice shade tree this provides for two lethargic dogs. And the bonus is–I got to the figs before the ants did!

P.S. If you need more figs, check out Hello, Fig and his neat art.

You’re Motoring

MotorAgeJuly1919009 Here’s a cool ad in my June 1919 Motor Age magazine. Note the stockings, the Mexican poncho splayed across the demure seated one’s lap, the backwards baseball cap (oh, that’s just a perspective issue), and the fact that Boko, although marketing to dealers, was reflecting women drivers nearly 100 years ago. Remember that women still couldn’t vote at that point…

Seinfeld Apologizes For Offensive Pineapple Wig

KUApril36-007Why should he have to apologize at all? It was a costume party; it was 1936. I say wear whatever you want, whether it be velvet capris or a floral apron.

And all these years later, his smile hasn’t really changed. He’s the same charismatic funnyman.


His chest, however, only improved with age, peaking in the mid 90s.


I’m sorry, Ridley; I had to borrow your Seinfeld pic.

Oh, snap. This suddenly makes sense.


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