13 thoughts on “Love & Cox Break For Fag

  1. unbeeleaveabull–that is the craziest caption ever. No one would ever write that now. Unless they were trying to sound naughty. Sheesh. I know what bumming something off someone means, but didn’t realize you could be bummed off of. That would make you a bummee?


    1. Yeah, I’ve never heard that sentence, either. You can bum off, but not bum for. Perhaps I’m bummed for a Coke? The editors were certainly not being hateful. It’s odd that Grandma had her own rolling papers. Not my grandma.


      1. aren’t grandmas supposed to be wrinkled? Do people ask you for Cokes? ’cause what you said makes me think that you’re sad you don’t have one. Check the freezer.


      2. (Already drank it). The Coke I earlier imbibed said BFF on it, and I pondered over the truthiness of that. It had no name on it, like some do lately. Kaitlyn and Roshanda and Earl, you know. Mine just said BFF on the can. Like Coke knew me, knew my soul. Yes, Grandmas should be wrinkly. I mean they’re old enough to be grandmas now. If they’re not dead. Check the freezer.


  2. Break it down, folks. You never bummed a ride from somebody? Cigarettes were called fags back then. It’s odd, but not that …

    OK, it’s odd. HIpster doofus talk to keep with the Seinfeld theme, Kerbey.


    1. You’d think they’d just say bum a fag, not bum FOR a fag. But boy, they did like to speak in slang, that’s for sure. I mean for shizzle.


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