Hello, Figs


Finally! Five days left of July, and our fig tree finally decided–after two months of harboring little green pods–to turn them purple and heavy with sweetness. So pluck them I did and off they went into a bowl in the kitchen. It’s been 100 degrees here every day this week, and thick with humidity, so you can imagine what a nice shade tree this provides for two lethargic dogs. And the bonus is–I got to the figs before the ants did!

P.S. If you need more figs, check out Hello, Fig and his neat art.



    • No, that was about 15 ft away–I don’t know what that tree is, some sort of oak in the shape of an ostrich until we pruned it–but the baby doves disappeared along with their mama, and now we are sad. 😦 No birds build nests in the fig tree. I don’t know why…


  1. Darn tootin’ we like Fig Newton. Sorry, but that was the first thing that popped in my head. Even the generic brands are tasty. Every week I buy a small pack of low fat ones. Just for me.


  2. I remember a fig tree we (my mom and I) had in the backyard of the crummy garage apartment where we first lived in Fremont. There was also an orange tree. Oh and a mean-ass pet turkey…but I am getting sidetracked.

    Ya wanna know the best thing about working in Baghdad? (Of course you do)
    It was all the date trees, not ‘dating’ trees, but you know what I mean.
    Iraq is famous for their dates.


      • You can, but it has been my experience they are better after they have naturally fallen to the ground. (gotta wash ’em first–or not) This from a guy who used to buy food from the street vendors in Cairo, a definite ‘no no’ according to “Management” when I worked for SFM…


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