15 thoughts on “Perfect Pairing: Dine-A-Mite Ale & A Tweed Herringbone Jacket”

  1. I think tweed is classic material for jackets. Suits might be a bit too much. But I have had a few Pendleton wool tweed jackets in my time. And;well my opinion of ale is no secret. You have some happy pictures. They make me happy.

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    1. It does look like a train, now that you say that. But it was just a campus hang-out. It looks like draft beer to me. I just wonder why that old woman escaped from the home to steal their napkins.


  2. At least one of the women has a cigarette, and I think that’s a pipe on the corner of the table. No food — just beer, tobacco, and Coca-Cola. And everyone looks happy.


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