Getting Some Alone Time With The Scarecrow He Made 30 Minutes Ago

We came across this fellow yesterday at a fall fest, chilling with a scarecrow he’d just stuffed. Can’t really tell a gender on a it, but the bag over its head gave it the appearance of cat ears. Conversation was minimal. No choruses of “If I Only Had A Brain.” Later, a beanie-donning warlock cameContinue reading “Getting Some Alone Time With The Scarecrow He Made 30 Minutes Ago”

Bumpky Pumpky

These lovelies sat adjacent to the shopping carts yesterday, ensuring that no one was spared the somewhat unsettling gourds. Not exactly choice specimens for carving, but still a sign of the autumn we long for. And just to be clear–it’s NOT beginning to feel a lot like autumn. Hot and dry with no end inContinue reading “Bumpky Pumpky”

On The Lookout For Autumn

These two ladies keep their eyes peeled for cooler weather (while wearing fabulous hats and dresses) on the kind of day that warrants nickel ice cream. I know it will arrive later this month, the glorious season of fall. But I also know it won’t feel like fall until Halloween. Still, I can see it onContinue reading “On The Lookout For Autumn”

Scenes From Hot Springs

Today’s overcast sky and drop from yesterday’s record 80 degrees to today’s mid-40s reminds me of similar weather during our November Hot Springs, Arkansas visit. Sometimes an overcast sky can make for a peaceful, placid picture. Until the geese get moving, that is. The view of downtown as we rounded a hill proved cozy and charming, white steepleContinue reading “Scenes From Hot Springs”