Colors Of Fall


Just got back from a quick trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. What lovely foliage they have!



    • It is? Every single day? Even if it were freezing here, we never have rain come, so we’d never get snow. I hate to hear the heater running bc it means a high gas bill. Do you have a fire going?


      • fortunately no fire as we have no fireplace. It doesn’t snow every single day, but there’s always snow as it won’t melt until spring. Just keeps collecting. Texas sounds like a very nice state to be in right now.

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      • It never warms up and melts away? You don’t have a fireplace? WHAT? I have a 20 ft tall fireplace that we never use. Why isn’t a fireplace mandatory in a cold place that clearly needs fire??? You are making me not get it at all.


    • They were in a fountain, so I put my fingers in while it was steaming, and they were pretty dang hot. You can’t hold your finger in there for long. But my son had a root beer made of hot spring water while I drank ale.


Observation and Interpretation:

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