9 thoughts on “Colors Of Fall”

    1. It is? Every single day? Even if it were freezing here, we never have rain come, so we’d never get snow. I hate to hear the heater running bc it means a high gas bill. Do you have a fire going?


      1. fortunately no fire as we have no fireplace. It doesn’t snow every single day, but there’s always snow as it won’t melt until spring. Just keeps collecting. Texas sounds like a very nice state to be in right now.

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      2. It never warms up and melts away? You don’t have a fireplace? WHAT? I have a 20 ft tall fireplace that we never use. Why isn’t a fireplace mandatory in a cold place that clearly needs fire??? You are making me not get it at all.


    1. They were in a fountain, so I put my fingers in while it was steaming, and they were pretty dang hot. You can’t hold your finger in there for long. But my son had a root beer made of hot spring water while I drank ale.


Observation and Interpretation:

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